Wei Qi - Qigong Workshop

Our new workshop for 2017 explores a simple and yet highly effective Qi Gong set, to stimulate and expand your body’s Wei Qi.

Flowing through the sequence can take as little as 10 minutes or longer for a more prolonged session to boost the body’s defences. Wei Qi Qi Gong leads the Qi to the muscles and skin projecting the Qi a short distance from the body forming a protective aura around the body.

The body’s energy field is composed of meridians and channels. Energetic blockages in these channels cause imbalances in the energy field, which can lead to dis-ease. A free flow of energy is needed in the body and energy system for good health and well-being.

All living bodies generate an external field of energy called Wei Qi (pronounced “whey chee”), which translates as “protective energy.” Wei Qi field is on the surface of the body, circulating within the tendon and muscle tissues. However it also includes the three external layers of the body’s auric and subtle energy fields. This field of Qi protects the body from external pathogens and interacts environmental energy fields.

Both internal and external pathogenic factors affect the structural formation of the Wei Qi. The internal factors include suppressed emotional influences (such as anger and grief from emotional traumas). The external factors include environmental influences when they are too severe and physical traumas.

1pm - 5pm

£35 for bookings before 4th May- includes student pack, teas, coffee, biscuits & fruit.

£40 if you book after 4th May

Advanced booking only

For more information tel Helena & David on 0787 637 7321


Please contact the hotel direct for a room rate quoting 'Lighthouse Tai Chi' We recommend you request a quiet room at the front of the hotel.

Terms & Condtions:

Booking conditions:

- only places booked & paid for in advance will be allocated

- no on the door sales

- first come first served

- payment is non-refundable

Cancellation policy:

- you can sell your place to someone else & inform us of the name change, with no fee or cost

- if we sell your place there is a £5 admin fee

- if we cannot sell your place, there is no refund

Please note: We provide our workshops at cost to allow access to training for as many people as possible and we keep the groups small so that everyone gets consideration by the workshop instructor. Participation is at your own risk.

We do our very best to refund or credit any cancellations where possible.

Holiday Inn Express Burnley

55 Pendle Way


BB12 0TJ

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